My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

1.    Healthy Food – Super Berries 2
Berries are among the most powerful medicinal foods known to man. Plus they resemble color and taste good for both humans and animals… Continue reading →

2.  Tomato – “THE WONDER BERRY”
The tomato is technically classified as berry, a subset of fruit but it is considered as vegetable for culinary purposes, because of its … Continue reading →

3.  Diabetic Yoghurt & Healthy Drinks
Incidences of diabetes is on the rise over the world, now trends need to be change towards balance diet and act seriously on it… Continue reading →

4.  World healthiest fats & oils unveiled
World healthiest fats & oils unveiled from the desk of Abdul Qudoos … Continue reading →

5.  HACCP training simplified
A major food safety and quality concern for the globe. HACCP training simplified

6.  pH values of fruits, beverages, condiments & other foods
Fruits pH Range Fruits pH range (Black)Crowberry 3.52 Lemon 2.28 Rhubarb 3.17 Lime 1.7 … Continue reading

7.   Healthy Food – Olives
The origin of olives generated from Mediterranean region some 8,000 years ago; olives used for food and … Continue reading →

8.  Oats – Healthy Eating
Oats are used in various forms, food, tea, baths, medicine (as a healing agent) etc. In olden days oats were used to … Continue reading →

9.  Cinnamon – A wonder spice
Cinnamon – A wonder spice. A little introduction: Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to man; it is the brown bark of the cinnamon tree (a small tree that grows basically in … Continue reading →

10.  RBO – world’s healthiest oil presented by… Continue reading →

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