Margarine – An epigrammatic introduction


There are many types of margarines available in the market.

1.       Consumer margarine:

  • All purpose table margarine,
  • Soft table margarine,
  • Low fat margarines,
  • Reduced and low fat spreads,
  • Specialty margarine containing flavors, spices or functional ingredients, etc,

 2.       Industrial margarine:

  • Bakery products such as puff pastry margarine,
  • Cake margarine,
  • Cream margarine,
  • Frying margarine,
  • Bakery improvers,

Margarine and butter are characterized by water in oil emulsion; that is, the water phase is dispersed as droplets in the continuous fat phase.

The process of making margarine as follows:

  1. -          Preparation of water and fat phase (separately)
  2. -          Emulsion preparation (dispersion)
  3. -          Chilling, crystallization and kneading
  4. -          Packing or filling

Minor ingredients such as emulsifiers, salt, preservatives, color, flavor, antioxidants and vitamins are dissolved according to the solubility either in water or fat phase.

Major ingredients like liquid oils, semi solid fats and hard stocks are formulated in such a way to get desired Solid fat content (5 – 40 ⁰C), the SFC profile will vary according to the type of margarine,

  • Consumer soft table or low fat margarine containing least solids at given temperature and
  • Industrial puff-pastry margarine is at the highest amount of solids.

More information and technical help can be provided upon request according time/schedule and availability.

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