Healthy Food Nutrition and its Functions

Healthy Foods Contains Functions
Cantaloupe, carrots, dried apricots, hard boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, vegetable soup, watermelon Vitamin A Necessary for healthy skin, good vision and bone growth. Bolsters the body’s natural immune system
Baked beans, oatmeal, rice, rye bread, sunflower seeds, whole wheat bread Thiamine (B1) Helps keep nervous system functioning smoothly
Almonds, cheese, lean hamburger, low-fat yogurt, milk, wild rice Riboflavin (B2) Carried oxygen to body cells, helps build healthy blood
Almonds, baked beans, dried dates, peanuts and peanut butter, sunflower seeds, tuna Niacin Good for memory and moods: helps lower blood fats
Bananas, filbert nuts, sunflower seeds, tuna, white meat chicken B6 Helps keep immune system healthy and keeps blood cots at bay
Lamb, low-fat yogurt, milk, Swiss and cheddar cheese, tuna B12 Necessary for healthy blood and nerves; guards against anemia
Cantaloupe, orange juice, red beets, romainne lettuce( on sandwiches) Folate Aids in the normal functioning of the central nervous system
Black raspberries, eggs, grapefruit, milk, oranges, turkey and chicken legs, whole wheat bread Biotin Helps certain enzymes utilize foods
Baked potatoes, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, orange juice, strawberries Vitamin C Helps hold cells together: can held guard against the common cold
Eggs yolks, milk, tuna Vitamin D Works with calcium to build strong bones
Almonds, lobster, peanuts and peanut butter. Pecans and sunflower seeds Vitamin E Prevents blood clots; protects cells against oxidation; protects immune system
Buttermilk, cheese, ice cream, low fat yogurt, milk, whole wheat pancakes Minerals-Calcium Necessary for healthy bones, teeth and muscle
Chicken and turkey, lean hamburger, raisins, sweet potatoes Iron Essential for the manufacture of red blood cells
Chicken legs, crab, hot dogs, lean hamburger Zinc Aids normal growth, sharpens taste, smell and sight
Baked potatoes, bananas, beans, nuts, oatmeal, peanut butter Magnesium Aids Calcium in forming strong teeth and bones

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• Abdul Qudoos has been writing and presenting healthy articles since late 1998, mostly on subjects related to biotechnology, lipid sciences (fats & oils), healthy fruits & vegetables and value added products, • Having experience of 12+ years in Research and Development of food products, and Operations of Quality Assurance and Management. • International work experience in Multinational food groups. • Known as Specialist in Fats and Oils and its allied products. • Expert in Dry Food Mixes, Bakery / Dairy Ingredients and Nutraceuticals (Functional Foods). • Proficient in making Fruits & Vegetables value added products. • Good Sensory Evaluation and Tasting of food products (Trained/Expert workshop from 3 reputed organizations). • Strong academic background – M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry; Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Chemistry; Few Diplomas in Management Systems; and Attended more than 20 Training Courses related to Food formulation, processing, quality, safety,and testing/analysis. • Active and Senior member of few groups and associations.
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