Healthy Food – Bitter Gourd

Healthy food – Bitter gourd (Food that heals)

Based on my own research and development – scientific, clinical (unani) and technical (2001 – 2003)

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About Abdul Quddus

• Abdul Quddus has been writing and presenting healthy articles since late 1998, mostly on subjects related to biotechnology, lipid sciences (fats & oils), healthy fruits & vegetables and value added products, • Having experience of 11+ years in Research and Development of food products, and Operations of Quality Assurance and Management. • International work experience in Multinational food groups. • Known as Specialist in Fats and Oils and its allied products. • Expert in Dry Food Mixes, Bakery / Dairy Ingredients and Nutraceuticals (Functional Foods). • Proficient in making Fruits & Vegetables value added products. • Good Sensory Evaluation and Tasting of food products (Trained/Expert workshop from 3 reputed organizations). • Strong academic background – M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry; Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Chemistry; Few Diplomas in Management Systems; and Attended more than 20 Training Courses related to Food formulation, processing, quality, safety,and testing/analysis. • Active and Senior member of few groups and associations.
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  3. pharmacy technician says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  4. Jeevan says:

    Does Bitter gourd really helps to cure impotence ????????????????

    if yes in wat way…… juice or medication ???????

    please suggest the daily dosage ?????

    thanks and regards,

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