Healthy Food – Goat Milk

 Goat milk is highly digestible because the fat molecules are one fifth the size of those of other milks — making it easily tolerated by those with compromised digestive systems.

Goat milk has no cream separation because of smaller fat molecules.

Goat milk contains pre-formed Vitamin A in the milk fat that allows it to be readily available for use by the body.

Goat milk contains a highly-evolved cholesterol, making it available for absorption to the brain and body. (Cholesterol is essential to the health of the myelin sheaths “white matter” of the nerves in the brain.)

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Goat milk is close to human milk in its composition and is therefore easily accepted especially by those young or frail.

Goat milk has an alkaline reaction the same as mother’s milk rather than the acid reaction of some other milks.

Goat milk does not readily form mucous (phlegm) and is therefore better tolerated by asthmatics and those with allergies.

Goat milk contains more chlorine, fluorine and silicon than any that from other domestic livestock. Chlorine and fluorine are natural germicides and fluorine assists in preventing diabetes.

Goat milk contains only 2% curd, which precipitates in the stomach. Other milks contain more than 10%curd.

Goats’ milk is tolerated by a compromised /damaged liver because of the smaller fat molecules and it’s “naturally homogenized”.

Goats’ milk has the ability to “sweeten” the intestinal tract and assist with constipation.

Goats’ milk contains a higher evolved carotene (pro-Vitamin A). Researchers have found this to have cancer preventing properties.

Adapted from: Natures Prescription Milk by Gloria Gilbere, N.D., D.A. Hom., Ph.D.

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  2. Sue says:

    I take several goat milk nutritional supplements also love goat cheese, yogurt, ice cream & of course milk. It’s all good stuff and much healthier than the mainstream store products.

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    I never thought that goat milk is so nutritious, hardly i couldn’t find in this region.
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