Diabetic Yoghurt & Healthy Drinks

Incidences of diabetes is on the rise over the world, now trends need to be change towards balance diet and act seriously on it, product development divides into those clearly for diabetics and those that are under trials, although it can be difficult to understand, but can be simplified for consumers- examples:

• Probiotics needs to be introduced (good bacteria) –big news in every country as pro- biotic yoghurt helps diabetes.
• Fortification of Vitamin D -daily consumption of Vitamin D-fortified yogurt improves blood sugar control in diabetics.
• Protiens in yoghurt are easy to digest; they are de-natured in the processing.
• Antioxidants like rosemary, vitamin E for heart-health benefits.
• Reduced cholesterol and reduced sodium.
• High fiber, whole grains.
• “G” word should replace with “C” word – glycemic versus carbs.

There are few examples to have diabetic free healthy diets:
1. Karwendel’s Exquisa diabetic yogurt, Hungary

2. Tamar Valley’s Greek style diabetic yoghurt comes in five flavours, Mixed Berry, Raspberry, Mango, Passion fruit and Strawberry. The diabetic recipe has no added sugar, and low GI.

3. Diabetic Yogurt Cream Slice, 1500 g from Pfalzgraf Konditorei GmbH
Fresh cream and yoghurt sweetened with fructose and sorbitol on a diabetic sponge layer, decorated with roasted almonds. With one kind of sugar (fructose) and artificial sweetener (sorbitol).

4. Valio’s A+ yogurt, Valio Gefilus yoghurt, fat free, HYLA® low lactose & Valio ProFeel yoghurt are low in lactose (HYLA®) , Finland

5. Yoplait Greek yogurt, containing twice the protein of regular yogurt + 20% of the recommended Daily Value for vitamin D + 0% fat, USA

6. Unilever’s Flora Pro-Activ cholesterol-reducing probiotic drink, UK

7. Maeil Dairy’s Probio GG Chlorella drinks, South Korea

8. Danone’s La Serenisima yogurt with cereal and fiber, Argentina

9. Danone’s Actimel

10. Dannon’s DanActive

11. Grupo Leche Pascual’s prebiotic drink, Italy

12. Danone’s Danacol cholesterol-reducing drink, Europe


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