Cinnamon – A wonder spice

Cinnamon – A wonder spice.

A little introduction:

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to man; it is the brown bark of the cinnamon tree (a small tree that grows basically in India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt and other parts of the world), which when dried, rolls into a tubular form known as a quill. Cinnamon is available in either its whole quill form (cinnamon sticks) or as ground powder. In ancient Egypt it was used for medication and beverage flavouring but also as an embalming agent.

There are basically four kinds of cinnamon, but the two most popular are Ceylon and cassia cinnamon. Ceylon is the more expensive variety than cassia. Cassia is darker in color and found everywhere. While both the varieties are relatively similar in characteristics and both feature a fragrant, sweet and warm taste and have the same benefits in regards to health. The flavor of the Ceylon variety is more refined and subtle.

What studies say?

“Studies have shown that cinnamon can have a positive effect on blood sugar. In a study done in 2003, 60 people with type-2 diabetes took 1, 3, 6 grams of cinnamon pill from daily, which was equal to a quarter of 1 teaspoon. After 40 days, all 3 amounts of cinnamon reduced fasting blood glucose by 18 – 29 %, triglycerides by 23 – 30 %, LDL cholesterol by 7 – 27 % and total cholesterol by 12 – 26 %.”

“In a study done by researchers at the department of agriculture, cinnamon was shown to reduce the prolifer or lymphoma cancer cells. It has also been shown to improve brain function in many cases and also can provide an anti-clotting effect in the blood.”

“In a study at Copenhagen university, patients were given a ½ teaspoon of cinnamon prior to their breakfast. After one week they felt significant relief from arthritis and within one month could move without pain.” Isn’t really amazing and wonder spice?

Other forms:

Cinnamon can also be found in a concentrated oil form that comes from cinnamon bark. Some of these products are not intended for consumption, but instead are used for aromatherapy essential oils. People should not take the oil to treat a condition unless under the close supervision of a qualified health professional.


The Chinese have, for years, used cinnamon as a remedy for colds, nausea, diarrhea, menstrual periods, and even flatulence and with excellent results, they also see it increase energy, vitality, circulation and is used in the digestion of fruits and dairy products. Cinnamon has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine, for its warming qualities, to provide relief when faced with the onset of a cold or flu, especially when mixed in a tea with some fresh ginger.

If you want to be physically active and healthy try using ½ teaspoon a day sprinkled on a variety of things and enjoy benefits and great taste of healthful spice. Use it on burgers, steaks, on the grill, noodles, chicken, spaghetti, desserts, curd, tea, cakes, sauce and anything else.

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