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Margarine – An epigrammatic introduction

  There are many types of margarines available in the market. 1.       Consumer margarine: All purpose table margarine, Soft table margarine, Low fat margarines, Reduced and low fat spreads, Specialty margarine containing flavors, spices or functional ingredients, etc,  2.       Industrial … Continue reading

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Interesterification is one of the processes to modify the properties of triglyceride mixtures. In this reaction the fatty acid chains are redistributed over the triglyceride molecules, as a result the melting characteristics of the product have changed compared to the … Continue reading

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Biodiesel is the name for a variety of ester-based oxygenated fuels made from soybean oil or other vegetable oils or animal fats.  The concept of using vegetable oil as a fuel dates back to 1895 when Dr. Rudolf Diesel developed … Continue reading

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UV Disinfection

Organic molecules absorb energy primarily in the 200-to-300 nm range, and it is this range that evidences the most disinfectant or germicidal properties. The bacterial disinfection is greatest at 260 nm, although other wavelengths also affect the cells. A given … Continue reading

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