All you need to know about Vitamins in Healthy Food

Vitamins are organic chemicals requires in trace quantities for good health, must obtain from the diet.

Vitamins can be divided into 2 groups on the basis of solubility: Water soluble and Fat/Oil soluble.

Water soluble vitamins are Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin C

Fat/Oil soluble vitamins are Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K

Vitamin B-complex is a mixture of several vitamins – Vitamin B1; B2; B4; B6; B12 and Folic acid.

Important Vitamins in healthy foods and its functions:

Important Vitamins Sources – Healthy Foods Helps in
Vitamin A

(Retinol - a chemical name)

Fat/Oil soluble

Cod liver oil (Cod fish liver oil), Liver, Fish, Eggs, Dairy products (Milk, Butter, Ghee,) Carrot, Green Leafy Vegetables and Ripe Mango. Maintaining healthy eye-sight (night vision), skin, hair and helps in proper growth.
Vitamin B1

(Thiamine – a chemical name)

Water soluble

Milk, Sea-Food, Meat, Soybean, Whole Grain Cereals, Bran and Green Vegetables. Essential for growth, carbohydrate metabolism, functioning of the heart, nerves and muscles.
Vitamin B2

(Riboflavin- a chemical name)

Water soluble

Milk, Peas, Beans, Yeast, Meat, Eggs, Green Leafy Vegetables and Whole Grain Cereals. Necessary to keep skin and mouth healthy. It also helps in the normal functioning of the eye. Vitamin B2 promotes carbohydrate and protein metabolism and aids in healthy growth.
Vitamin B4

(Niacin- a chemical name)

Water soluble

Meat, Fish, Chicken, Fowls, Potato, Whole Grains, Tomato, Ground-nut and Green Vegetables. Essential for maintaining healthy skin, a good digestive tract and sound mental health.
Vitamin /Folic acid

Water soluble

Green Leafy Vegetables, Sprouted Pulses, Cauliflower, Meat, Liver and Kidney Folic acid is necessary for the formation and maturation of ‘Red Blood Cells’ (RBC), in the human body
Vitamin B12

(Cynocobalamin- a chemical name)

Water soluble

Meat, Liver, Milk and Eggs. Necessary for the formation of healthy blood and proper growth of the body. It is essential for preventing the disease called pernicious anemia.
Vitamin C

(Ascorbic Acid- a chemical name)

Water soluble

Citrus Fruits- Lime, Lemon, Orange, Amla, Gooseberry, Guava and Tomatoes. Necessary for keeping teeth, gums and joints healthy. It also increases the resistance of our body to infection, and helps fight diseases
Vitamin D

(Calciferol- a chemical name)

Fat/Oil soluble

Milk, Fish, Cod Liver Oil (Cod fish liver oil), Eggs and Butter. Vitamin D is also produced in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Actually, sunlight acts on the fat present under the skin to form vitamin D. Necessary for the normal growth of bones and teeth because it increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorous into the body
Vitamin E

(Tocopherol- a chemical name)

Fat/Oil soluble

Green Leafy Vegetables, Milk, Butter, Tomatoes and Wheat Germ Oil. Necessary for normal reproduction, normal functioning of muscles and protection of liver
Vitamin K

(Phylloquinone- a chemical name)

Fat/Oil soluble

Green Leafy Vegetables like Spinach, Cabbage, Tomatoes and Soybean. Vitamin K is also synthesized in the body by intestinal bacteria. Necessary for the normal clotting of blood and preventing hemorrhage. It is also essential for the normal functioning of liver.

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