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The facilitator: Abdul Quddus is a founder of Healthy Food Management and Knowledge Bank Groups– (where professionals discuss and share their experiences and exchange ideas). At healthy food management the facilitator is dedicated to provide healthy and wealthy information on food and grants knowledge to the world. Utmost importance to build healthy environment by creating healthy, nutritious and tastier products

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Healthy Food Management is all about ‘making healthy food and making life easier’ stands everywhere either in home, institution or industries, all over the globe’ and in everyone’s lives. Healthy Foods[embedded content] View more presentations from Abdul Qudoos healthyfoodmanagement.com Healthy Food Management is dedicated to healthy food, healthy life-style, food applications, food product development and process development for the entire

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My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011 My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

1.    Healthy Food – Super Berries 2 Berries are among the most powerful medicinal foods known to man. Plus they resemble color and taste good for both humans and animals… Continue reading → 2.  Tomato – “THE WONDER BERRY” The tomato is technically classified as berry, a subset of fruit but it is considered as vegetable for culinary purposes, because

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Diabetic Yoghurt & Healthy Drinks Diabetic Yoghurt & Healthy Drinks

Incidences of diabetes is on the rise over the world, now trends need to be change towards balance diet and act seriously on it, product development divides into those clearly for diabetics and those that are under trials, although it can be difficult to understand, but can be simplified for consumers- examples: • Probiotics needs to be introduced (good bacteria)

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Cinnamon – A wonder spice Cinnamon – A wonder spice

Cinnamon – A wonder spice. A little introduction: Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to man; it is the brown bark of the cinnamon tree (a small tree that grows basically in India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt and other parts of the world), which when dried, rolls into a tubular form known as a quill. Cinnamon is

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Healthy Food – Olives Healthy Food – Olives

Category Archives: Nutrition Posted onJanuary 5, 2011byAbdul Quddus (May be part of your healthy balanced diet) Introduction of Olives as Healthy Food The origin of olives generated from Mediterranean region some 8,000 years ago; olives used for food and a source of oil, that’s the reason olives are … Continue reading → Posted inHealthy Cooking tips, Healthy Diet, Nutrition|Taggedhealthy diet,

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Goat Milk – It is nourishing and easier to digest than other milk Goat Milk – It is nourishing and easier to digest than other milk

 Goat milk is highly digestible because the fat molecules are one fifth the size of those of other milks — making it easily tolerated by those with compromised digestive systems. Goat milk has no cream separation because of smaller fat molecules. Goat milk contains pre-formed Vitamin A in the milk fat that allows it to be readily available for

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Healthy foods nutrition and its functions Healthy foods nutrition and its functions

Healthy Foods Contains Functions Cantaloupe, carrots, dried apricots, hard boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, vegetable soup, watermelon Vitamin A Necessary for healthy skin, good vision and bone growth. Bolsters the body’s natural immune system Baked beans, oatmeal, rice, rye bread, sunflower seeds, whole wheat bread Thiamine (B1) Helps keep nervous system functioning smoothly Almonds, cheese, lean hamburger, low-fat yogurt, milk, wild

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Interesterification Interesterification

Interesterification is one of the processes to modify the properties of triglyceride mixtures. In this reaction the fatty acid chains are redistributed over the triglyceride molecules, as a result the melting characteristics of the product have changed compared to the starting mixture. Interesterification can be done by two ways 1. Chemical & 2. Enzymatic Chemical Interesterification adjusts the melting profile

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